Mystery Bon Bon with 1 Pair of Earrings

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These are always one of our most popular products because they are just SO.MUCH.FUN!

Each Mystery Bon Bon with 1 pair of earrings contains, you guessed it, one pair of earrings of my choosing.  I always choose my most favourite designs for these because they are most often than not, a gift for the purchaser!

These are perfect if you want to buy yourself a little something something, but don't actually want to know what is inside until you open it.

Each bon bon comes with a letter pressed tag, so feel free to leave a message for me to hand write onto that for you, or if the bon bon is for you and you would like me to come up with a little note for you, then that's fine too.  Just let me know! 

If you have placed an order with me before, I make sure to check what you have ordered to make sure I don't give you a duplicate of something you already have!

Note: No discounts codes will work with this product.

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